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    hbying products have passed the strict certification and adopt the industry-leading advanced technology to ensure the best quality.

    46 inch BOE 3.5mm LCD splicing screen

    46 inch BOE 3.5mm LCD splicing screen
    46 inch BOE 3.5mm LCD splicing screen
    • 46 inch BOE 3.5mm LCD splicing screen
    • 46 inch BOE 3.5mm LCD splicing screen

    46 inch BOE 3.5mm LCD splicing screen Display parameters

    Product number
    Screen size
    Bilateral seam
    Brightness 700 cd/m2 Appearance size 1021.98*576.57*125.7mm Power waste 180W/h
    Contrast ratio 3500:1 Startup response time
    6ms Resolving power 1920*1080
    Viewing angle 178° Weight 26KG Service life 6W hours


    Ultra narrow frame design, perfect visual feast

    The 3.5mm splicing narrow frame design makes the display between the screens almost seamless. The width of the left / top border of the splicing display screen is 2.5mm, the width of the right / bottom border is 1.3mm, and the frame spacing is only 3.5mm when splicing multiple screens


    LCD splicing unit, multi view angle analysis


    Intelligent split screen, single screen, multi screen arbitrary combination

    Diversified image mosaic display, the size and position of the display signal window can be set, and the functions such as combination display, stretching and image roaming can be realized easily3(1).jpg

    Application environment

    It can be used in various environments



    LCD splicing screen parameter table

    LCD screen Size 46 inches
    Display area 1018.08mm*572.67mm
    Equipment size 1021.98mm*576.57mm*125.7mm
    Resolving power 1920*1080
    Pixel spacing 1.75mm*1.75mm
    Brightness 700cd/m2
    Contrast ratio 3500:1
    Color 16.7M
    Gamut 0.72
    Viewing angle 178°
    Response time 6ms
    Physical seam 3.5mm
    Image Proportion 16:9
    Wave filter 3D comb filter, digital noise reduction
    Video format PAL/NTSC
    Input port HDMI 1-way HDMI 1.41920* 1080@60HZ Downward compatibility
    DVI 1-way DVI-I, 1920* 1080@60HZ Downward compatibility
    VGA 1-way VGA (DB-15), 1920* 1080@60HZ Downward compatibility
    AV 2-way AV, 1920* 1080@60HZ Downward compatibility
    USB 1 channel, supporting video, picture and audio playback
    RS232 1-way RS232
    Ring out port AV 2-way AV, 1920* 1080@60HZ Downward compatibility
    RS232 2-way RS232
    Electrical performance Input AC100-240V wide voltage input
    Power waste 180W
    Standby power 0.5W
    Environmental Science Storage temperature -20~ 65°C
    Working temperature 0~ 50°C
    Weight Net weight 26KG

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